Body Hair and Face Oil

Body Hair and Face Oil

Let’s talk today about oils. The funny fact that probably a lot of you are not aware of it, is that the first pioneer who was obsessed with using oils was stunning Cleopatra from ancient Egypt. Since 1500 before the common era, using oils with creams and other skincare products was very popular till nowadays, of course the process of producing looks much different now than before, but thank God to Cleopatra that she instilled in us love for oils.

Oils have so many precious benefits that it is so worthy to invest money in good oils. Especially nowadays when we can find so many great options with one oil that we can use on our face, hair and body as well. These amazing products can protect us from losing water and external factors. Some of them work as anti-inflammatory or anti-swelling. Other benefits of oils are nourishing, moisturizing and some of them can even firm the skin.

In Atelier Beaute we have a decent selection of oils from Biologique Recherche, Environ or Hampton Sun.

Biologique Recherche have a big range of specific Body Oils and Complexes designed to treat, repair and restore the skin’s beauty. Let us introduce them to you.

What we love about Oils from Biologique Recherche the fact that they can be used alone or in combination with the creams to stimulate the effect of their active ingredients.

  • Huile Benefique: softens the outer layers of the epidermis and leaves a rich film of protecting agents to prevent dehydration. Recommend for skins that are already tanned, delipidated and dehydrated. It leaves the skin supple, beautiful and silky.
  • Huile Sous-Ombilicale: it contains a blend of Cedar, Juniper, Pine and Clove Essential Oils and is designed for draining, detoxifying and revitalizing specific areas of the body. It tones and softens the skin.
  • Huile  Dermotonique: It contains oils that reduce orange peel skin. It is recommended for all skin Instants and is ideal for loose skin slackened by rapid weight loss. It tones the skin.
  • Huile Jambes Lourdes: Its formula is enriched with Cypress, Camphor, Sage, Mint and Rosemary Essential Oils and infuses a wonderful sense of well-being. It lightens tired legs.
  • Huile Detente: this treatment  is rich in Lavender and Palmarosa Essential Oils, which are renowned for their soothing properties. It relaxes and relieves tired legs.
  • Lipogen AC: its formula rich in concentrated active ingredients helps reduce the appearance of cellulite to make the skin firmer and more toned. Recommended for skin Instants with cellulite.
  •  Huile Fondamentale, highly regenerating, multipurpose oil. It combines six pure botanical oils known for their antioxidant properties. Its high concentration in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 7, and 9) makes it the ultimate care product to preserve the balance of cutaneous lipids, restore skin quality and strengthen dry and brittle hair. Protected against harsh external factors, the skin stays regenerated and embellished, while the hair is strengthened and super shiny. Huile Fondamentale leaves a subtle and delicate fragrance on the skin thanks to a synergetic combination of patchouli and Amur is bark essential oils suitable even for pregnant women. With a non-sticky finish, skin is intensely nourished, and hair regains its shine, suppleness and softness.

Environ has a bit smaller selection but the effects are really stunning! Definitely a good alternative if you want to try something else.

  • Vitamin A,C & E Body Oil: is a light, nourishing oil containing essential vitamins A,C and E for maximum antioxidants protection. This oil is recommended for sun damaged areas of the body and may help improve the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. It suits all kinds of skin and ages.
  • Vitamin A,C & E Body Oil Forte: an ultrafine conditioning oil that is specially formulated to provide the skin with very high concentration of vitamin A,C, E & antioxidants helping to effectively rehydrate dry and sun- damaged skin. It helps to nourish the skin and assists in retaining moisture as well. Improves the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. Only recommended once your skin is comfortable with Vitamin A,C & E Oil.
  • Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules: These magical capsules contain antioxidants and vitamin A in an easily absorbable oil-based formula. Helps to hydrate skin and gives the skin a silky feel.

As you can see, you will definitely find a perfect match at Atelier Beaute regarding oils, and our lovely employees will be more than happy to help you with selecting the best oil that targets whatever you want to improve. Can’t wait to see you in our Spa.

Sincerely, Atelier Beaute

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