The Icon in the skincare world – Lotion P50!

If you never heard about Lotion P50 from Biologique Recherche you will thank us later! This magical and famous product is called basically “Facial in the bottle”. If you start using it, trust us you will never go anywhere without it. It will become your essential product in your daily skincare routine! Why has Lotion P50 become a cult of so many lovers of healthy skin? The answer is easy, it is simply the best and works!

The Lotion P50 balancing exfoliators speed up the epidermis natural exfoliation process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified  epidermis can then effectively fulfill its protective function, thus enhancing skin’s self-regeneration potential. More benefits of P50 besides of exfoliation: regulates excess sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain the epidermis’ acid pH. It prevents and treats in-grown hairs, making it ideal for pre- and post- shaving skin care as well.

There are more reasons why we love this Lotion P50 so much.

Biologique Recherche created different formulas for all clients with various skin’s issues, types and ages. So we can assure you that everyone can find the perfect match with this incredible Lotion. Regarding to different types of P50, we have six formulas. Let us tell a bit more about each formula.

-Lotion P50 1970 https://shop.atelierbeautebk.com/product/lotion-p50-1970/ This lotion toner has phenol as a main ingredient for exfoliation and is a great “antibiotic ” for the problematic skin suffering from breakouts and acne. We recommend using it as a treatment protocol and switch to gentler formula which is phenol free. Lotion P50 1970 should not be used for longer period of time.

-Lotion P50 1970V https://shop.atelierbeautebk.com/product/lotion-p50-1970v/ same as Lotion P50 1970 and is specifically designed for people with mature skin instant who suffer from acne or breakouts. We recommend using it as a treatment regimen for a couple of months, and when the breakouts are treated switch to more gentler formula that is phenol free

Lotion P50 –https://shop.atelierbeautebk.com/product/lotion-p50/ is recommended for seborrheic and/or hyper-keratinized skin Instants.

-Lotion 50V – https://shop.atelierbeautebk.com/product/lotion-p50-v/ This formula is vitamin-enriched exfoliator tones the skin. It is recommended for less toned and/or devitalized skin Instants.

-Lotion P50W – https://shop.atelierbeautebk.com/product/lotion-p50-w/ The gentlest exfoliator, with a formula rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients. It is recommended for sensitive skin Instants. This particular is great for beginners.

-Lotion P50 Pigm 400 –https://shop.atelierbeautebk.com/product/lotion-p50-pigm-400/ This exfoliating and brightening lotion is ideal for dull complexion with hyperpigmentation marks. It is recommended for pigmented and dull skin Instants.

We would like to also answer the most common questions, If Lotion P50 is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding women? All formulas without “1970” are 100% safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Few tips on how to use Lotion P50 for beginners! First of all welcome in the club of P50 Lovers! Secondly, it is a process for your skin to adjust Lotion, so give it a few weeks and do not feel discouraged. It’s normal to feel tingling sensation, redness or even some breakouts, but it’s all normal, we all have been there, trust us;). For the first weeks we recommend to use only in the evenings, after that, Biologique Recherche advises to use Lotion in the morning and evening! After a cleansing, apply a few drops of the lotion onto a damp cotton pad and gently pad over face, neck and décolleté. Starting at the décollete, move upward to the neck and face. There is no need to rinse off the toner, just follow with your serum or moisturizer as another step of your regimen! You will notice the first effect in a few weeks and then you will become one of us, loyal fans of Lotion P50! You will not stop being amazed by this lotion since you notice how fresh, flawless and glowy your skin can look.

Sincerely, Atelier Beaute

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