Sun Care is a Must

Sun Care is a Must

It’s FINALLY SUMMER!! And guess what that means? That SPF is a must!!!

As we officially enter the summer season, we would like to talk about sun protection, which should be an essential part in our daily skincare routine! We would also like to remind our beloved clients that applying sunscreen is the last step of your skincare regimen. SPF protection has a really significant impact on keeping our skin youthful and healthy, which is why we recommend using SPF cream throughout the whole year, even during days when there is no sun.

It’s not a surprise that the warmth and light of the sun that most people love can significantly damage our skin. The sun’s heat dries out areas of unprotected skin and depletes the skin’s supply of natural oils. In addition, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause burning, hyperpigmentation as well as long-term changes to the skin structure due to DNA damage. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should stop enjoying the sun and absorbing Vitamin D. Let’s also not forget about the sun’s amazing influence on our mood!

As a beauty and personal care spa, we want the best for our clients. This is exactly why we were very particular about finding the optimal sunscreen company to work with. Let us introduce you to Hampton Sun! Luxurious and prestigious brand with a whole line of sunscreens, lotions, bronzers, lip balms, as well as sophisticated accessories for home. What convinced us to choose Hampton Sun is its 100% mineral, all-natural, chemical-free products expertly formulated with anti-aging benefits, moisturizing extracts, and gentle minerals for all skin types.

Easily and evenly apply non-nano zinc oxide for maximum UVA/UVB protection. Hampton Sun carries products with a variety of textures to choose from like gels, mists, lotions, or creams. Being partners with Hampton Sun, we tested their products on ourselves and we are truly obsessed with these sunscreens. We love its fragrance, texture, and packaging! Most importantly, the products provide great protection, a beautiful tan color, and don’t leave white and greasy spots on the body. Their sunscreens are definitely our favorite vacation products to pack with us everywhere we go!

Another great sun screen to consider is RAD SPF 30 from Environ One cream for whole body and can be used on the face as well without leaving your skin greasy. Great product to use on kids as well. One cream for the whole family, isn’t it great?!

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Because of our care, love, and expertise, we really advise you to be cautious about sun exposure and never forget to apply SPF on your face and body before leaving your home. This comes along with so many important benefits that it should become a habit. Side note – do not forget to reapply for better protection. Now, you are all ready to enjoy your summer safely. Go, go, goo!!