Why Biologique Recherche and Environ at Atelier Beaute?

Why Biologique Recherche and Environ at Atelier Beaute?

As you know, there are thousands of different skin care brands offered all over the world in spas and beauty clinics. So why has Atelier Beauté specifically chosen Biologique Recherche and Environ skin care products for their spa? The answer is pretty simple- it is simply the best. 

Everyone loves skin care products! However, many times we fall into the trap of simple marketing and spend money trying out many, many of the products without seeing results. The result is what we originally wanted to achieve by buying the product. Not the pretty bottle, not the nice smell, but the results that will bring our skin to the healthiest it can be. That’s why during the process of creating Atelier Beaute, as founders, we knew our place would be all about people and quality. 

It was never even a matter of discussion about what brands we want, we had a vision in our minds already. So we decided to approach both brands and offer them to become partners with us, and honestly, we couldn’t be more happy with our mutual decision. 

Let’s start with Biologique Recherché, or simply BR. This French Brand started 40 years ago and it’s becoming globally recognized more and more! We call them “a cult!” Without fooling around, these products are pure magic! Once you start using BR, you will become addicted to them, that’s why we call BR a cult. Their famous P50 lotion became an essential item in a daily skin routine of every fan of BR. This outstanding item is basically “A facial in the bottle.” Using lotion P50 every day gently exfoliates our skin, leaving it clean, fresh, and pH balanced. 

Another reason why we admire BR is because it doesn’t turn away any client. It is focused on so many different skin issues and complications that everyone will find a proper P50 for themselves! What we noticed so far with our clients- after the few first weeks they can already see significant results of using BR, which is another reason why clients stay with BR for a lifetime. 


“Treat your skin the same way you want your esthetician to treat it. We are always here to help you learn about your unique skin and suggest what would work best to achieve and maintain its healthy structure!” 

“I have gone through a rough time understanding my problematic skin after pregnancies, constant breakouts, and acne. Then I discovered BR and it changed my life. I threw away all my other skin products and trusted the brand with my unique skin. Most importantly, the brand’s individual approach has taught me about my skin and its recovery.” 

We would like to mention that BR is not about the popularity of the brand, but about a unique European approach and technique from French school of skin care, which we value the most. 

Environ has a special spot in Aneta’s heart. She is a true believer in the brand. She used to work with Environ for years prior to opening up Atelier Beaute. What makes these products from South Africa unique is its founder, Dr. Des Fendaders. He is the pioneer of introducing vitamin A to the skin care world. Environ is all about believing that skin has a life and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look beautiful and healthy for life- and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why Vitamin A has become the cornerstone ingredient in the Environ skin care philosophy. When you combine vitamin A with other essential skin nutrients, like antioxidants and peptides, you instantly begin to see and feel beautiful skin through science. The brand’s step up system is great for everyone. Prepare your skin for that medical grade Vitamin A (Retinol) one step at a time. From one level to the next, the skin can appear reborn and look healthier. 

Environ also owns a great range of products for any kinds of problems, which makes us more reliable for our beloved clients, who are our priority. Environ is not only about Vitamin A, they also have a great solution for people who want to add Vitamins C and D to their daily skin regimen. We will not surprise you by saying that we all need Vitamins, not only in the food we consume every day, but also in our skin care products. Another great news about these brands we decided to carry on, is the fact that even if they feel a little bit more up priced, they really last for a few months, which makes our clients even more happy. 

We truly believe in the quality of the services for our clients. This is how we wanted to build Atelier Beaute from the beginning. Choosing Biologique Recherche and Environ for Atelier Beaute was a milestone for providing the best services to our dear clients. For us, owners of Atelier Beaute, there is nothing more uplifting than to see our clients leave our spa with satisfaction and smile upon their faces!

Best, Atelier Beaute