Eyebrows and Eyelashes


Eyebrows are the frames to your eyes and its individuality. It brings out the beauty and symmetry of the face. Our specialists will help with your personalized eyebrow shape and shade that suits your facial symmetry.


Our Certified and trained specialists provide natural results while making sure the health of your own lashes will not be affected in any way. Your natural lashes stay safe in our hands. The health of your own lashes is not compromised since our specialists do not apply to the lash line or the eyelid, which would hinder growth.

We work with people who have sensitive eyes as well as people who wear contact lenses.

  • Eyelash extensions normally last three to four weeks
  • Because lashes are naturally regenerating, regular touch ups keep your extensions looking the best by replacing any strays that have fallen out as part of this cycle.
  • Enhance your natural lashes no matter what look you want to achieve – add more length, volume, have a cat eye, drama look, or simply a mascara look. Match the color to your natural ones or darken them to a pure black.
  • The product we use are hypoallergenic and high quality. The glue is latex free and low vapor, with no toxins or hemicalias used.
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