Beauty Drops No. 3


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Beauty Drops No. 3

Size: 1 Oz./ 0.27 Oz.

Category: Face.

Description: Beauty Drops No. 3 is a whole Beauty treatment to the skin. A moisturizing serum with powerful purifying and re-balancing qualities for Acne prone and congested skin. 100% Water-based Serum made with Herbal Extracts and Silk Proteins. Also, is a wonderful base for makeup.

Texture: Serum.

Target: Prevents Breakouts, Balances Skin, Purifies Skin, Clears Skin.

For: For skin that is Unbalanced, Congested, Acne-prone, or Oily.

How to use it:

Apply a few drops to cleansed skin morning and night. Can be used as a spot treatment when the skin needs intensive or local treatment. Also, can be used as a moisturizing serum with the need of a cream when weather is very hot or for very oily and problematic skin.

Mixology: Mix a few drops with gels, serums, masks or creams for extra balancing and healing effects.

Ingredients: Juniper, Thyme, Lemon Peel, Centella Asiatica, Arnica Montana, Silk Amino Acids, Great Burdock, Gentian, Arnica Montana.

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